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"In God's hands, the object of our greatest pain becomes the source of our greatest blessing!" -Corrie Ten Boom

Acueducto is a non-profit Christian association dedicated to promoting the spiritual and emotional growth of believers through the integration of the person and biblical principles. Acueducto also aims to support and offer resources to men and women in Spain and further afield who are using 'Formational Prayer' as a means of bringing the healing presence of Jesus Christ to emotionally broken people.

Aqueducto is a branch of Healing Care Ministries ( and follows the same working principles and concepts. Today, more than 4,000 caregivers (professional and lay) from 17 countries have been trained to position emotionally wounded people so that they can receive healing, freedom and transformation through the different protocols of 'transformative prayer'.

How was it founded?

In 2013 Jonathan and Gemma decided to travel from Spain to Bolivia to do a month of marriage counseling with Gemma's spiritual parents. They felt that something was not right in their marriage, but they were not completely aware of the crisis in which they found themselves, both as a couple and on a personal level.

It was there that the Holy Spirit began to reveal to them wounds and traumas that they had experienced in their past (some of which they were unaware) and the impact that this was having on their present relationship.

It was also there that God showed them that it was time to make a change of course in their work and ministry and where they felt that God was speaking to them about the need to be trained in inner healing/spiritual accompaniment in order to bring freedom to many believers who were not experiencing it; people who are suffering alone and in silence due to guilt, shame or fear of being rejected. ​

After three years of intense training and introspective work with Healing Care Ministries in Ashland, Ohio, they returned to Spain to begin working with missionaries, church leadership, and believers from different denominations through Terry Wardle's model of "Formational Prayer".

​In 2020, the Acueducto Religious Association was born, formed by a board of five people and a work team of ten.


We truly give glory to God because we see how he has not let go of our hand at any time in our lives. Being able to see him accompanying us and crying with us in the midst of our suffering, darkness and loneliness has transformed our lives.

We want to honor Norman and Gwen Bowman. They are the initiators of the Formational Prayer model in Spain along with their team, the translators of the  material into Spanish. Thank you Norman and Gwen for starting us on this road!





Together with Gemma, Jonathan is the founder of Acueducto in Spain and Director of Healing Care Ministries in Europe. 

He has a degree in Physical Education and Sports (University of Gent, Belgium) and a Master of Divinity (Ashland Theological Seminary, Ohio, USA). He is currently studying a Master's Degree in Self-knowledge, Emotional Transformation and Christian Spirituality at the Ramón Llull University of Barcelona.

Jonathan is Gemma's husband, father of three children and a lover of sports and mountains. 

Founding Acueducto for him is a dream come true, a life project that promotes people's personal growth.




Along with Jonathan, Gemma is the founder of Acueducto in Spain and Director of Healing Care Ministries in Europe.

She graduated in Social Education from the University of Girona. In Ashland, Ohio, he obtained his certificates in “Formational Prayer” and in “Spiritual Direction” and is now finishing a master's degree in “Self-knowledge, spiritual transformation and spiritual worldview” in Barcelona with Ramon Llull University.

Tireless in those things for which he believes he must fight. Her passion for people, animals and social justice lead her to give the best of herself for the good of others.

Jonathan and Gemma have three children whom they love dearly and with whom they love to share their lives.




He is part of the Acueducto board, leads internal healing groups and helps with the teachings of the seminars we give.

Born in Barcelona in 1966. Musician, pianist and choir director. 

Graduate in Theology (pastoral specialty) from the international faculty of Theology IBSTE, expert in family guidance from INFFA and family and marriage advisor from EIRENE ARGENTINA.

He likes to listen to classical music and great vocalists. He is fascinated by knowing new places, discovering its history and culture through its old buildings and neighborhoods. Enjoy a landscape from a viewpoint as from a cliff. And he does not get away from a good book that brings him closer to God and to experience more the reality of his Kingdom in his life and through it. 




Aleda is a member of the Acueducto board, leads internal health groups and collaborates with the translation of materials from English to Spanish.  She has a degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of North Carolina, USA.

In recent years, she continues to train in Counseling to give her best by serving in Acueducto.

Aleda feels that the Lord has been leading him to this moment in his life, to be able to accompany people in their personal and spiritual growth.

She is married to a Spaniard and has two daughters and four grandchildren. 

He likes to walk in the mountains and study languages.




Inma is the psychologist of the Acueducto team. 

She has a Diploma in Teaching, a Degree in Psychology from the University of Granada and an International Master's Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology. 

Expert in Juvenile Offenders from the University of Almería.

Inma has been practicing psychology for more than 20 years. 

Having experienced an internal transformation process through the Holy Spirit leads him to want to be part of this team. 

Inma likes to sing, dance, travel and meet new people.

Raquel Ramos.jpg



Raquel is part of the Acueducto team as a trainer and caregiver. 

Born in the Dominican Republic, she studied the Bible at a seminary in Argentina before moving to Spain as a missionary. He is currently pursuing a degree in Christian counseling. 

He has extensive experience working in cross-cultural teams  and serving in  different churches and ministries.




Julia is English and is part of the Acueducto team as a trainer and caregiver. She is also in charge of the English-speaking  formations. 

She has a degree in Primary Education from University College of Chichister in the United Kingdom.  She has a Diploma in Applied Theology in a Cross-Cultural Context from Redcliffe College, Gloucester, UK._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

His passion is to see people come closer to Christ, no matter where they are in that process. 
He loves spending time with friends, if it's outdoors better, he loves hiking and canoeing. 

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layout artist

Alexandra is part of the Acueducto team as a layout designer for all the published material.

She is qualified as a Middle Grade Music teacher from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid. She has a Diploma in Theology from the IBSTE Biblical Institute and is currently pursuing a Masters in Theological Studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

She has a daughter that she is very proud of and she loves meeting new people, traveling, nature and everything related to art.

foto Àlvar.jpg



Àlvar, together with Raquel, his wife, is part of the Acueducto team.

He has a Law Degree from UNED and has a course in Coaching and Communication. He also has a Master's in Christian Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

He has served for seven years in the Dominican Republic as a cooperator for an international Christian-based organization.. 




Eva is part of the Acueducto board and is responsible for the association's website, social networks and communication. 
She graduated in photography from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and has a postgraduate degree in Business Management and Administration and Digital Marketing. 
He is a lover of the mountains and animals. What he likes the most is being able to see the greatness of God through his creation.

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